Sasa’s 7 Months Baby Shower

6 Oct

This is Sasa’s Baby shower.

The baby shower ritual is done in traditional Javanese, when the pregnancy is about 7 months. Sasa’s parents invited a group of people around the neighborhood, mostly women in their late 40s.
First, the group start to read some verses from the Al-Qur’an (Holy Koran). Then, they continue with the Do’a (the pray, which is mostly aimed for the future Mum, but also the husbnad, the family, the relatives, etc.)

Once that parts done, we proceed to eat, and socialize. There’s the ‘nasi tumpeng’, a dish served in a large, flat, woven basket, with yellow rice shaped like a cone, plus several side dishes. no pork, all Halal heheheh..

Sasa went in and change clothes, from the white gown to the pink baby shower dress. There’s already a place specially set up for the ceremony, just at the car port. Woven mat, wooden chair, the kain Batik hanging as the background. She sat on the chair, then 7 person, one by one, starts showering her a few times. Start with her parents, the in-laws, some relatives, and at the end, her husband.

They continue with a few traditional ceremony (like the coconut-chopping, the egg- dropping, the wife got wrapped in Batik clothes, etc etc), and its done. Each part represents something.. was too busy taking photos, so didnt paid enough attention to the MC, when she’s explaining what each part is all about. Go check out on Google if you want to know more about the Javanese Baby shower.

For those curious about Batik, a friend of mine is running a website dedicated for this beautiful indonesian cloth, too bad its in Indonesian. But she still accept and reply emails in English 🙂 Check it out

Enjoy the photos

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