Aiky and Rara’s Pengajian

4 Jan

I’ve no idea what “Pengajian” is in English.. its a ritual, well not a ritual.. its uhmmm, something we do as a Muslim before we get married (in Indonesia at least, not sure about Muslim in other countries).

For this event, I am only taking photos for Pengajian at Rara’s place, the bride’s place. It goes like this: the bride’s family, gather around with another group of people specializing for Pengajian, like twenty or so people, mostly elders, people from the neighborhood who knew / close to this family. The group starts by reciting some part of the Holy Qur’an, focusing on the part about marriage. They recited the verses in Arabic.. After that, someone from the group translated the verses to Indonesian language. They handed out small books already containing the Qur’an verses, the prayers, and its translations word by word. so people who do not know how to read Arabic, can just read the small book and go with the flow

Next, the elders and the parents then gave advice to the bride about married life, what it means to be a husband / wife.

Next, then say some prayers wishing the couples to be happy, blessed, good fortunes, stay faithful to each other and to God, wealthy, raise kids, etc etc.

Then after that, they shake each other hands, then we all eat.

and.. finish.

Each Pengajian is different, depending on which part of Indonesia, but in general it goes something like the above. Usually it takes about two hours to complete. Some Pengajian goes even longer, because of adding up extra / traditional / cultural ceremonies. For example, maybe the groom / bride wanted to say thanks and ask for forgiveness from their parents before they start their journey raising their own new family.

Anyway, here are the photos. I’ll try to add some captions for each photos as I go. Enjoy!

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One Response to “Aiky and Rara’s Pengajian”

  1. Aiky 15/01/2015 at 7:32 am #

    Oyyy.. Mana fotonya..??? Kirim ke Ane

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