Bali Trip – Honeymoon!

23 May

Well, this is my 3rd Bali trip. This time with my wife πŸ™‚

The first few days we stayed in a Villa in Seminyak with a few of her friends from US and Japan. Cant remember the name of the Villa we stayed. But its big.

Three bedrooms, with swimming pool, jacuzzi at the top, a large dining table, a kitchen, and even maids who cooks our breakfast! 10 minutes walk to the nearest beach, and to Seminyak Road, where there are plenty of shops and restaurants and cafes during the day, and bars, and clubs at night.

We rented a car plus the driver to take us around. Visited a few beach clubs in the area, we had dinner by the sea with fantastic seafood, the girls getting a hair treatment while I’m busy snapping photos, and so on

Starting on the fourth day we part ways with our Japanese frineds, and stayed just the two of us in Ubud, at Komaneka Bisma. The Hotel (Komaneka Bisma) offered a shuttle service that pick us up at the Seminyak Villa. On our way to Ubud, the driver stops at four places:
1) a jewelery shop, 100% hand-made made of silver
2) a local art gallery, where local artist displays their paintings. We end up buying one for our new house..
3) a sculpture gallery, mostly made of woods. We didnt stay very long here because its kinda creepy. But we did bought something small
4) a Batik place, where Balinese batik is being hand drawn and sold

Then, we arrived at Komaneka Bisma hotel. The place is very secluded, you wont notice from the main street that this place exists.. very unassuming. Located in central Ubud, the hotel is strategically placed, some famous place in Ubud is within walking distance, like Ubud Market, the venue for Balinese traditional dance performance. Plus Komaneka has its own shuttle service that stops at several spots around Ubud, and it goes all day till very late at night.

The hotel itself is designed as an escape from the Urban life. Our room has a view of the Hotel’s own paddy field. We can even walk around the paddy field! Plus the pool, the free afternoon tea and snacks, gym, and a complimentary 60 minutes (or was it 90 minutes) massage. Oh, the massage place is one of the best I have ever been. Located a bit further down into the forest, about 7 minutes walk from our room. It has a jacuzzi for two, an open space, and a real river running below. the sound of the water running while getting a full body massage is very soothing. Extremely recommended! Too bad I didnt bring my camera (even my phone) with me.

I think thats about it for this post. Enjoy the photos πŸ™‚


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