Yet another Bali trip

20 Sep

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Second trip to Bali, with my lovely wife. This time we stayed in Le Meridien Hotel, Jimbaran. We were lucky to get a hotel voucher as a wedding gift. 4 days and 3 nights for free!

Not much happening except chilling by the pool at some fancy beach club, and drinking fancy mocktails. We went to old time favorite Potato Head Beach Club, and Sundara Beach Club. Dine out with Gary, (this handsome dude I knew when I was still in NZ) at some Japanese restaurant. The fact that he works at Padma Hotel makes him aware of good restaurant to recommend to guest.. so yeah, the japanese restaurant was good (but expensive :D)

Went to Gardin Secret restaurant at Seminyak too, which has a very fancy-looking nightclub at the back. the restaurant and the clubs overall architecture looks like a church, with pointy roof, mosaic glasses, high ceiling.. highly recommended place.

Also had lunch at Sisterhood. nice food, pleasant atmosphere, friendly waiters. Possibly one of the most Path-ed location for all my Indonesian friends currently on holiday in Bali. Where else did we go?

Oh, the seafood place next to our hotel. Our favorite is Menega Cafe. Fresh seafood, by the beach, with the sun setting behind you and your significant other.. just perfect.

OK, enough. Give me shout if you have any questions. Enjoy the photos 🙂


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